Automation for Marble Polishing Machine - Fidko installed PLC controlled automation for a marble polishing machine in "Mermeren Kombinat" - Prilep...

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Rectifiers for batteries - Fidko produces regulated chargers for rechargeable batteries that provide charging and maintaining of the batteries according to the desired feature.

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MB-600 - Fully automatic flour packing machine

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SCADA system - Fidko has fully automated the conveyor transport system in "Skopski Leguri" and installed a SCADA system which enables better control, efficiency, reliability...

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Our long experience in the field of power electronics and automatization ensured realization of complete industrial processes. In this context we will mention our collaboration with these following companies:


Elektrolab Skopje

Automation setup for punching machine tailored towards profiles.


LIBERTY Steel North Macedonia

Automatic functionality setup for commanding steel lines.


Larina Skopje

Automatic line for filling chocolate spreads.



Prototype execution for an incubator for cell cultuvation.



Automation setup for carrying elevator.


Cranfield Probishtip

Electrical Installation Stup for induction stove.


Johnson Meatthey

Automation of production lines for catalysts.


SASA - Mine

Regulated AC/DC converters for traction battery charging (72 V, 80 A), directed and monitored over internet connection.

 References_Skopski leguri

Skopski Leguri

Modernization of 2 and 5 charge crane in smeltery - 25 tones, and C-8 portal crane in mine yard of smeltery - 30 tones.


ЕМО CRS - Kicevo

Computer directed production line for metal segments for transmission tower.


ЕМО transformers – Ohrid

During 2006 was finished measurement system for monitoring ohm resistance in process of cooling windings in energetic transformers. It uses precision of 1ohm. Continuously reading and storing of parameters of hitting and cooling process of transformers.


EMO Alatnica - Gevgelija

Servicing of high frequency sources of voltage for machines for fine processing of metal. (Year - 2005)

Fidko - References_Emo

ЕМО FBP – Debar

Aromatization on existing line for metal profiles. Continues process with ten available offset steps in one circle (2005).

Fidko - References_T-mobile

T-mobile - Skopje

Regulated power supply on base station in mobile telephony (2004).

Fidko - References_Zito Luks

Zito Luks

Electronic speed regulators for electro fork truck.


Automatic for machine for marble cutting.



Electronic command circuits for diesel aggregates for electric energy production. Electronic speed regulators for electro fork truck.



Electronic command circuits for diesel aggregates for electric energy production.



Electronic command circuits for diesel aggregates for electric energy production.

Sharcem Cementara - General Jankovich

Service high voltage equipment on electro filter for dust removing (2003).

18 Noemvri Plastika - Orahovac Kosovo

Electronic command circuits for automatic line for plastic injection tip BATENFELD from 3,5 kg (2000). Electronic command circuits for bombing for erosion on plastic foil 12 kV, 6 kHz. (2006)

Ferplast - Uroshevac

Electronic command circuits for diesel aggregates for electrical energy 450 kVA (2003).

Numerous controlled systems for automatization of different kinds of processes were made using Programming Logical Controller (PLC). Choice of PLC depends of number of outgoing and incoming signals. System with minimum configuration beside PLC, includes operation panels or touch screen as an interface for users and/or PS with SECADA program with remote control of system monitoring.

  Medical Equipment - Fidko started producing Medical and laboratpry equipment for the needs of...

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