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MB-600 - Fully automatic flour packing machine

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 Flour packing machine - MB-600

Flour packing machine Fidko

Download PDF flyer for MB-600



Productivity: 600 kg/h
Packaging: 1 kg and 2 kg
Dimensions: Length 5.5m
Width 1.2m
Heigth 2.85m
Instaled electrical power: 2 kW
Electrical supply: 3x380V, 50Hz
Working pressure of pneumatics: 6 bar
Precision of dosage: >99%

MB-600 is a fully automated flour packing machine, designed to give maximum output with minimum maimaintenance.

The packing process is controled and monitored by a built-in touchscreen PLC (Programmable Logical Controler), thus ensuring high precision, stability and long service time. The built-in software provides user-friendly control, communication and diagnostics.

The feed in of flour is accomplished by using an auger screw. All of the materials that are in contact with the flour are made of special stainless steel – INOX, that is used especialy in the food industry.

A shrinking thermo tunnel for wrapping the bags in plastic in groups of 6,8 or 10 pieces, completes the packing process.

All of the movements are accomplished by using pneumatics and three phase electrical motors.





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