Automation for Marble Polishing Machine - Fidko installed PLC controlled automation for a marble polishing machine in "Mermeren Kombinat" - Prilep...

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Rectifiers for batteries - Fidko produces regulated chargers for rechargeable batteries that provide charging and maintaining of the batteries according to the desired feature.

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MB-600 - Fully automatic flour packing machine

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SCADA system - Fidko has fully automated the conveyor transport system in "Skopski Leguri" and installed a SCADA system which enables better control, efficiency, reliability...

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Tube Drilling Machine - MBC 60

Tube Drilling Machine MBC 60

Tube drilling machine fidko

Drilling machine for drilling, flow drilling, thread forming and taping. The unit can work single or double sided with tubes up to 60 mm , square up to 50x50mm, flat material up to 60x10mm, T-profiles up to 40x40x4mm or double uprights up to 50x10mm made from steel or stainless steel. No sliding of the drills because of precise guides.
Basic equipment supplied:

  • 3mtr beam with 5 length slops
  • 2 pcs. locking sleeves SK40 diameter 16
  • 2pcs. special rotary grinder diameter 12
  • 1 pc. locking sleeve SK40 phi 6
  • 1pc. flowdrill phi 5.4 for M6
  • 1pc thread compensation sleeve
  • 1 pc. locking sleeve  for M6
  • 1pc. tap former M6
  • 1 set clamping jaws for tube diameter 42,4mm

Operations possible: Drilling up to 20mm diameter. Flowdrilling up to 9.2mm diameter. Thread forming and taping up to M10, inclined drilling up to 10mm.

Speed: 0 – 2250-1/min
Feeding Speed: 0 – 300 mm/min
Normal output:  5.8KW
Dimensions:  4100 x 1672 x 1450 mm
Weight:  395 kg
  Medical Equipment - Fidko started producing Medical and laboratpry equipment for the needs of...

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