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Mining Locomotives


Mining Locomotive

Fidko produces trolley locomotives and acu-locomotives for mines. Their weight is between 4 and 15 Tons. The production is not serial, it is a production with given parameters and dimensions for each customer separately. Tension level is between 72V – 550V. Traction force is between 12000 – 55000 kN.

The locomotive drive is based on 3-phase induction motors and with DC motors with serial excitation, depending on the needed power and the type of power supply.

Each locomotive contains a two-motor drive. The speed regulation is performed using modern electronic regulators: choppers and inverters.

The following are technical specifications for the AC and DC locomotives:

Maximum speed: 25 km/h
Power for DC drives: 2x6 kW, 2x9kW, 2x15kW, 2x19kW, 2x24kW
Power for AC drives: 2x11 kW, 2x15 kW, 2x22kW, 2x44kW
Tension level for DC drives: 72V – 550 V
Tension level for AC drives: 250-550 V
Traction force: 12000-55000 kN
Weight: 4000-15000 kg
Dimensions: 950 x 4350 x 1450 mm

Fidko Mine LocomotiveFidko Locomotive BatteryFidko mine locomotive battery

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