Automation for Marble Polishing Machine - Fidko installed PLC controlled automation for a marble polishing machine in "Mermeren Kombinat" - Prilep...

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Rectifiers for batteries - Fidko produces regulated chargers for rechargeable batteries that provide charging and maintaining of the batteries according to the desired feature.

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MB-600 - Fully automatic flour packing machine

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SCADA system - Fidko has fully automated the conveyor transport system in "Skopski Leguri" and installed a SCADA system which enables better control, efficiency, reliability...

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Laboratory Orbital Shaker - Orbiter 120

  • Excelent trajectory of movement in order to enable perfect mixing
  • Electronic regulation for the rounds per minute, with maximum of 180rpm (can be modified to meet your specifications)
  • Dimensions 550x500mm (can be modified to meet your specifications)
  • Has restrainers for added stability
  • Quit work
Fidko laboratoriska oprema Orbiter 120 fidko medicinska oprema Orbiter
  Medical Equipment - Fidko started producing Medical and laboratpry equipment for the needs of...

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