Automation for Marble Polishing Machine - Fidko installed PLC controlled automation for a marble polishing machine in "Mermeren Kombinat" - Prilep...

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Rectifiers for batteries - Fidko produces regulated chargers for rechargeable batteries that provide charging and maintaining of the batteries according to the desired feature.

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MB-600 - Fully automatic flour packing machine

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SCADA system - Fidko has fully automated the conveyor transport system in "Skopski Leguri" and installed a SCADA system which enables better control, efficiency, reliability...

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  • Temperature span 55 º C 
  • Controller of the temperature differences 1 º C 
  • Digital display indicating the current temperature and time
  • Stability of temperature max. ± 0,1 º C 
  • Alarm system (visual and audible) 
  • Double walls with two isolation materials, the inner wall is made of stainless steel 
  • Inner door is made of fireproof glass and outer door is made of thin steel
  • Built-in PLC (programmable logic controller) with full automation of the process (allows programming of the process of incubation) 
  • Two shelves made of stainless steel 
  • Internal dimensions 400 x 250 x 500 
  • External dimensions 600 x 450 x 700 
  • Volume of internal chamber 50 L

Warranty 2 years 
Provided service and spare parts for 10 years

  Medical Equipment - Fidko started producing Medical and laboratpry equipment for the needs of...

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